Payroll service


We offer a full payroll bureau service

Whether you have 1 employee or 100, our payroll department can help with payroll services.

Our payroll service includes:

- registrating new employees (Health Insurance Fund; Tax- and Custom Board);
- preparing emoloyment agreements (on request);
- calculating salaries and wages based on information received;
- providing payslips for your employees;
- providing monthly payroll summary;
- completing and submitting monthly tax forms to Estonian Tax- and Custom Board;
- sending payable monthly tax amount for payment.
- providing documentation related to internal procedures, working environment and safety (on request).

We are also able to arrange for salary payments to be made direct to employees’ bank accounts.


Crescere Employment

Local embassy of payroll and employment services.

If you are looking employee in Estonia or  in Finland, but do not want to registrate you or your company as a employer – we are here to serv you:

- Employment services – from hiring service to termination process;

- Payroll management (agreements, payroll, payslips, payments, overtime, travel reports, tax returns etc)

We will take care of your entire employment and payroll process.


Accounting services

We offer a wide range of moderately priced accounting services for companies and entities of all sizes.

Our extensive client structure means we know the financial administration needs of various companies and entities. Our client base includes limited companies, associations and foundations in many business sectors.

All our activities are based on the utmost confidentiality and our considerable expertise.